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41 French, Italian Proverbs

A goaded ass must trot.

A man warned is as good as two.

A sack was never so full but that it would hold another grain.

A tender-hearted mother makes a scabby daughter.

A white wall is the fool's paper.

An old dog does not bark for nothing.

Beauty and folly are often companions.

Do what you ought, come what may.

Drop by drop wears away the stone.

Every medal has its reverse.

Every miller draws the water to his own mill.

Every monkey will have his gambols.

Every one draws the water to his own mill.

For a web begun God sends thread.

Good swimmers are drowned at last.

He is rich who owes nothing.

He knocks boldly at the door who brings good news.

He that reckons without his host must reckon again.

He that refuseth praise the first time does it because he would have it the second.

He that repairs not a part, builds all.

He that rewards flattery, begs it.

He that runs fast will not run long.

Long tongue, short hand.

No grass grows on a beaten road.

No news is good news.