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A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.

A bad workman never finds a good tool.

A beggar is never out of his road.

A bellyful is a bellyful.

A bellyfull of gluttony will never study willingly.

A big nose never spoiled a handsome face.

A blind hen can sometimes find her corn.

A brain is worth little without a tongue.

A cake and a bad custom ought to be broken.

A cake eaten in peace, is worth two in trouble.

A churl knows not the work of spurs (i.e., honour).

A churl never liked a gentleman.

A civil denial is better than a rude grant.

A civil question deserves a civil answer.

A clear conscience is a good pillow.

A clown enriched knows neither relation nor friend.

A colt is good for nothing if it does not break its halter.

A colt you may break, but an old horse you never can.

A courtier should be without feeling and without honour.

A covetous woman deserves a swindling gallant.

A cow does not know what her tail is worth until she has lost it.

A cow from afar gives plenty of milk.

A coward often deals a mortal blow to the brave.

A coward's fear may make a coward valiant.

A crooked log makes a good fire.