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An ounce of favour goes further, or is worth more, than a pound of justice.

An ounce of luck is worth a pound of wisdom.

Anger is a bad counsellor.

Anoint a villain and he will prick you, prick a villain and he will anoint you.

Another's misfortune is only a dream.

Any water puts out fire.

Appetite comes with eating.

April showers bring forth May flowers.

Are there not spots on the sun?

Arrange your cloak as the wind blows.

As soon dies the calf as the cow.

As the man is worth his land is worth.

As the wind so the sail.

Ask my comrade, who is as great a liar as myself.

Ask no questions and hear no lies.

Asses must not be tied up with horses.

At a bridge, a plank, a river, the servant foremost, the master behind.

At a little fountain one drinks at one's ease.

At borrowing cousin german, at repaying son of a whore.

At Rome do as Rome does.

At Shrove-tide every one had need of his frying-pan.

At the king's court every one for himself.

At the wars as they do at the wars.

Avarice bursts the bag.

Avarice increases with wealth.