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Between promising and giving a man should marry his daughter.

Between the hand and the mouth the soup is often spilt.

Beware of a reconciled enemy.

Borrows must not be choosers.

But for all that the honest man has not got his purse.

But may not truth in laughing guise be dressed?

By beating love decays.

By biting and scratching cats and dogs come together.

By candle-light a goat looks like a lady.

By dint of going wrong all will come right.

By telling our woes we often assuage them.

By working in the smithy one becomes a smith.

By writing we learn to write.

Cabbage for cabbage.

Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.

Cherries are bitter to the glutted blackbird.

Children and fools are prophets.

Children and fools have merry lives.

Children are what they are made.

Christmas has been talked of so long that it has come at last.

Civility costs nothing.

Communities begin by building their kitchen.

Company in distress makes trouble less.

Comparison is not proof.

Contrivance is better than force.