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Every man to his taste.

Every one bears his cross.

Every one feels his own burden heavy.

Every one has a fool in his sleeve.

Every one his own, is but fair.

Every one preaches for his own saint.

Every one says: My right is good.

Every one should sweep before his own door.

Every one takes his flogging in his own way.

Every one takes his pleasure where he finds it.

Every potter vaunts his own pot.

Every to-morrow brings its bread.

Everybody is wise after the thing has happened.

Everybody must live.

Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.

Everything does not fall that totters.

Everything goes by favour and cousinship.

Everything goes to him who does not want it.

Everything in time comes to him who knows how to wait.

Everything may be bought except day and night.

Everything passes, everything breaks, everything wearies. [Fr., Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse.]

Example is the greatest of all seducers.

Fair is he that comes, but fairer he that brings.

Fair things are soon snatched away.

Fair without, foul within.