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Fair, good, rich, and wise, is a woman four stories high.

Farewell baskets, the vintage is ended.

Fashion is a tyrant from which there is no deliverance; all must conform to its whimsical.

Fat broth cannot be made of nothing.

Fat pastures make fat venison.

Fear is a great inventor.

Feather by feather the goose can be plucked.

Fie upon a cloak in fair weather!

Fine and fine make but a slender doublet.

Fine birds are commonly plucked.

Fine dressing is a foul house, swept before the windows.

Fine feathers make find birds.

Flies are easier caught with honey than with vinegar.

Flies will not light on a boiling pot.

Follow the river and you will reach the sea.

Fools go in throngs.

For a stubborn ass a hard goad.

For a stubborn ass a stubborn driver.

For one pleasure a thousand pains.

For overbuying there's no help but selling again.

For sake of the knight the lady kisses the squire.

For the last-comer the bones.

For wolf's flesh dog sauce.

Fortune can take from us only what she has given us.

Fortune is a woman; if you neglect her to-day, expect not to regain her to-morrow.