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Foul linen should be washed at home.

Fouls invent fashions and wise men follow them.

Foxes come at last to the furrier's.

Frae saving comes having.

From bishop to turn miller.

From confessors, doctors, and lawyers, do not conceal the truth of your case.

From short pleasure long repentance.

From to-morrow till to-morrow time goes a long journey.

Gentleness does more than violence.

Get out of that place and let me take it.

Give him a foot and he'll take four.

Give me the rhubarb and you may take the senna.

Give out that you have many friends, and believe that you have but few.

Glutton: one who digs his grave with his teeth.

Gluttony has killed more than the sword.

God alone understands fools.

God and man think him a fool who brags of his of his own great wisdom.

God gives the cold according to the cloth.

God helps three sorts of people: fools, children and drunkards.

God is on the side of the strongest battalions.

God knows who is a good pilgrim.

God made hands before knives.

God puts a good root in the little pig's way.

God save me from those I trust in.

God save you from a man who has but one business.