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He gains enough who loses sorrow.

He goes safely who has nothing.

He had need rise early who would please everybody.

He has a good pledge of the cat who has her skin.

He has eaten his corn in the blade.

He has enough to do who holds the handle of a frying-pan.

He has enough who is content.

He has great need of a fool who makes himself one.

He has not done who is beginning.

He has nothing who has not enough.

He has put all his eggs into one basket.

He is a fool who makes a mallet of his fist.

He is a fool who makes his physician his heir.

He is a great fool who forgets himself.

He is a horse with four white feet (i.e., he is unlucky).

He is a thief indeed who robs a thief.

He is a very bad manager of honey who leaves nothing to lick off his fingers.

He is called clever who cheats and plunders his friend.

He is like a cat, he always falls on his feet.

He is like a silver pin, Fair without, but foul within.

He is like a singed cat, better than he looks.

He is like the gardener's dog, who don't eat cabbage and will let no one else eat them.

He is not escaped who drags his chain.

He is not so much of a devil as he is black.

He is past preaching to who does not care to do well.