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He that corrects not youth, controls not age.

He that does not ask will never get a bargain.

He that has not money in his purse should have honey in his mouth.

He that hath a wife is sure of strife.

He that hides can find.

He that holds the handle of a frying-pan runs the risk of burning himself.

He that hunts two hares will catch neither.

He that is ashamed to eat is ashamed to live.

He that is thrown would still wrestle.

He that is too much in haste, may stumble on a good road.

He that is too secure is not safe.

He that laughs on Friday may cry on Sunday.

He that leaves certainty and sticks to chance, When fools pipe he may dance.

He that lets his fish escape, may cast his net often yet never catch it again.

He that spends more than he is worth spins a rope for his own neck.

He that stays in the valley will not get over the hill.

He that stumbles and falls not, mends his pace.

He that takes too great a leap falls into the ditch.

He that telleth his wife news is but lately married.

He that that hath a head of wax must not approach the fire.

He that ventures not fails not.

He that walks too hastily, often stumbles in plain way.

He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.

He that would go to sea for pleasure would go to hell for a pastime.

He that would hang his dog, gives out first, that he is mad.