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He who goes to collect wool may come back shorn.

He who grasps too much holds not firmly.

He who has a companion has a master.

He who has daughters is always a shepherd.

He who has drunk will drink.

He who has his purse full preaches to the poor man.

He who has money has capers.

He who has not health has nothing.

He who has nothing fears nothing.

He who hold the thread holds the ball.

He who holds his tongue does not commit himself.

He who holds the handle of the frying-pan turns it as he pleases.

He who is anxious for the death of another has a long rope to pull.

He who is at sea does not direct the winds.

He who is born to be hanged shall never be drowned.

He who judges between two friends loses one of them.

He who listens at doors hears more than he desires.

He who lives long knows what pain is.

He who looks not before finds himself behind.

He who loses his temper is in the wrong.

He who loses sins.

He who marries for love has good nights and bad days.

He who never budges from Paris will never be pope.

He who passes a winter's day passes one of his mortal enemies.

He who pays is fairly entitled to speak his mind.