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He who pays the piper calls the tune.

He who pays well is well served.

He who quits his place loses it.

He who recovers but the tail of his cow does not lose all.

He who rides on the giant's shoulders sees further than he who carries him.

He who rides the mule shoes her.

He who sees leather cut asks for a thong.

He who sows thistles reaps thorns.

He who sows virtue reaps fame.

He who stops at every stone never gets to his journey's end.

He who takes a wife takes a master.

He who threatens is afraid.

He who torments others does not sleep well.

He who trusts a woman and leads an ass will never be free from plague.

He who turns aside avoids danger.

He who waits for a dead man's shoes is in danger of going barefoot.

He who waits for another man's trencher often dines in imagination (or with Duke Humphrey).

He who wants to be rich in a year is hanged at six months' end.

He who wants to travel far takes care of his beast.

He who wishes to live at Rome must not quarrel with the pope.

He who wishes to make a golden door drives a nail into it every day.

He will not lose his oats for want of braying.

He will not lost the parings of his nails.

He'll laugh well that laughs longest.

He'll swear through an inch board.