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It is not enough to have cabbage, one must have something to grease it.

It is not enough to run; one must start in time.

It is not the big oxen that do the best day's work.

It is not the burden but the over-burden that kills the beast.

It is not the greatest beauties that inspire the most profound passion.

It is nothing at all, only a woman drowning.

It is only at the tree loaded with fruit that people throw stones.

It is only good bargains that ruin.

It is only idle people who can find time for everything.

It is only the bashful that lose.

It is only the first bottle that is dear.

It is pleasant enough going afoot when you lead your horse by the bridle.

It is the master-wheel that makes the mill go round.

It is the old cow's notion that she never was a calf.

It is the pace that kills.

It is the sauce that makes the fish edible.

It is the tone that makes the music.

It is too late for the bird to scream when it is caught.

It is well to fly low on account of the branches.

It is well to leave off playing when the game is at its best.

It will not do to keep holidays before they come.

It will not out of the flesh that is bred in the bone.

It won't do to trifle with fire.

It would be a very big book that contained all the maybes uttered in a day.

Jealousy is nourished by doubt.