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Mastiff never liked greyhound.

Maturity consists of no longer being taken in by oneself.

May and December never agree.

May chickens come cheeping.

Men are rare.

Men's ignorance makes the pot boil for priests.

Men's skins have many colors, but human blood is always red.

Mention not a rope in the house of one whose father was hanged.

Might knows no right.

Might overcomes right.

Misfortune comes on horseback and goes away on foot.

Misfortune upon misfortune is not wholesome.

Misfortunes are, in morals, what bitters are in medicine: each is at first disagreeable; but as the bitters act as corroborants to the stomach, so adversity chastens and ameliorates the disposition.

Money advances meacocks.

Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.

Money burns many.

Money is a good servant but a had master.

Money is lost only for want of money.

Money is round, it must roll.

Money makes dogs dance.

Money makes money.

Money makes the mare to go.

Mother's love is ever in its spring.

Much kindred, much trouble.

Much memory and little judgment.