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One "take this" is worth more than two "you shall have."

One always knocks oneself in the sore place.

One always returns to one's first love.

One bad general is better than two good ones.

One barber shears another.

One blind man leads another into the ditch.

One can't hinder the wind from blowing.

One can't make head or tail of it.

One candle for St. Michael, and another for his devil.

One cannot be and have been.

One cannot be at the oven and the mill at the same time.

One cannot be in two places at once.

One cannot please everybody and one's father.

One cannot ring the bells and walk in the procession.

One catches more flies with a spoonful of honey than with twenty casks of vinegar.

One day is as good as two for him who does everything in its place.

One deceit brings on another.

One does not always hit what one aims at.

One flower will not make a garland.

One fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.

One foot is better then two stilts.

One for sorrow; two for mirth; three for a wedding; four for a birth.

One for the mouse, one for the crow, one to rot, one to grow.

One grows used to love and to fire.

One half the world knows not how the other half lives.