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The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley.

The big fish eat the little ones.

The bird ought not to soil its own nest.

The biter is often bit.

The blade wears out the sheath.

The bleating of the lamb merely arouses the tiger.

The bud becomes a rose and the rose a hip.

The busiest men have the most leisure.

The candle that goes before, is better than that which comes after.

The cask always smells of the herring.

The churl knows not the worth of spurs.

The coalheaver is master at home.

The cobbler always wears the worst shoes.

The corn falls out of a shaken sheaf.

The days follow each other and are not alike.

The dead are soon forgotten.

The devil is not always at a poor man's door.

The devil leads him by the nose who the dice too often throws.

The devil may die without my inheriting his horns.

The devil often lurks behind the cross.

The devil rebukes sin.

The devil was handsome when he was young.

The devil was sick, the Devil a saint would be; the Devil was well, the devil a saint was he.

The devil was so fond of his children that he plucked out their eyes.

The devil's meal turns half to bran.