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The friendship of great men is like the shadow of a bush, soon gone.

The gentle hawk mans herself.

The Germans carry their wit in their fingers.

The goslings would lead the geese out to grass.

The gown does not make the monk.

The gown is hers that wears it; and the world is his who enjoys it.

The greatest burdens are not the gainfullest.

The greatest cunning is to have none at all.

The greatest evidence of demoralization is the respect paid to wealth.

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.

The greatest king must at last go to bed with a shovel.

The handsomest woman can only give what she has.

The have always returns to her form.

The heart leads whither it goes.

The hen ought not to cackle in presence of the cock.

The hen's eyes are with her chickens.

The horse that draws most is most whipped.

The hunchback does not see his own hump, but he sees his brother's.

The ill year comes in swimming.

The interested friend is a swallow on the roof. (Prepared to leave at the approach of winter.)

The Italians cry, the Germans bawl, and the French sing.

The kettle smuts the frying-pan.

The last come is the best liked.

The last comers are often the masters.

The last drop makes the cup run over.