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The last drop maketh the cup run over.

The law says what the king pleases.

The lawyer's pouch is a mouth of hell.

The leaves fall before the tree dies.

The less one thinks, the more one speaks.

The list is worse than the cloth.

The listener makes the backbiter.

The little alms are the good alms.

The man has neither sense nor reason who leaves a young wife at home.

The maxims of men disclose their hearts.

The meaning is best known to the speaker.

The merchant that loses cannot laugh.

The merchant who gains not, loseth.

The miser and the pig are of no use till dead.

The money paid, the workman's arm is broken.

The monk that begs for God's sake begs for two.

The more a man exposes his nakedness the colder he is.

The more fools, the more laughter.

The more haste the worse speed.

The more you stir it the more it stinks.

The more you stir it the worse it stinks.

The most covered fire is always the most glowing.

The most cunning are the first caught.

The most friendly fortune trips up your heels.

The most lasting monuments are doubtless paper-monuments.