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The shovel scouts the poker.

The silence of the people is a warning for the king.

The skin is nearer than the shirt.

The stable wears out a horse more than the road.

The stronger the seam the worse the rent.

The sun shines for all the world.

The tail is the hardest to scourge.

The threatener sometimes gets a beating.

The tongue wounds more than a lance.

The town that parleys is half surrendered.

The two make a pair.

The weakest must hold the candle.

The will is taken for the deed.

The wine given to your workmen is that for which you get the best paid.

The wine is not known by the hoops.

The wit one wants spoils what one has.

The wolf is not as big as people make him.

The wolf will die in his skin.

The word of honour of a gentleman--another pledge would be better.

The worst clothed go to windward.

The worst jests are those that are true.

The worst wheel always creaks most.

Their dogs don't hunt in couples.

Their harms, our arms.

There are fagots and fagots (all are not alike).