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A hungry clown is half mad.

A hungry dog is not afraid of a cudgelling.

A hungry dog will eat dirty pudding.

A hungry horse maketh a clean manger.

A jackfish does more than a letter of recommendation.

A kick from a mare never hurt a horse.

A lame man won't walk with one who is lamer.

A landmark is very well placed between the fields of two brothers.

A litigious man, a liar.

A little absence does much good.

A little dinner, long expected and cold, is by no means given, but dearly sold.

A little gall spoils a great deal of honey.

A little help does a great deal.

A little leaven leavens a great mass.

A little man fells a great oak.

A little man sometimes casts a long shadow.

A little pack serves a little pedlar.

A little rain stills a great wind.

A little sheep always seems young.

A little spark shines in the dark.

A little thing often helps.

A lord of straw devours a vassal of steel.

A mad dog cannot live long.

A man assailed is half overcome.

A man at five may be a fool at fifteen.