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There never was a looking-glass that told a woman she was ugly.

There's neither rhyme nor reason.

There's no guarding against the privy thief.

There's no need to grease the fat pig's rump.

There's no showing the wolf to a bad dog.

There's not enough if there's not too much.

There's nothing like being bespattered for making a man defy the gutter.

There's nothing like having the key of the fields.

There's virtue in a man's face (i.e., presence carries weight).

"They say" is a fool.

They will be hushed by a good deed who laugh at a wise speech.

Think much, say little, write less.

Though the fool waits, the day does not.

Thrift is better than an annuity.

Thrive by honesty or remain poor.

Tired folks are quarrelsome.

'Tis a good farthing that saves a penny.

'Tis a good horse that has no fault.

'Tis a long day a day without bread.

'Tis a silly sheep that makes the wolf her confessor.

'Tis everywhere the same as here.

'Tis possible if true.

'Tis sweet at certain times to drop the sage.

'Tis the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

To a bold man fortune holds out her hand.