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To a good cat a good rat.

To a rogue a rogue and a half.

To be willing is to be able.

To believe a thing impossible is to make it so.

To compare is not to prove.

To do like the monkey, get the chesnuts out of the fire with the cat's paw.

To do, one must be doing.

To eat and drink, and sleep together, is marriage, methinks.

To every bird its nest seems fair.

To every lord every honour.

To every saint his candle.

To get the chicks one must coax the hen.

To give tardily is to refuse.

To go as fast as a friar that is invited to dinner.

To grow rich one has only to turn his back on God.

To know a man well one must have eaten a bushel of salt with him.

To know all is to forgive all.

To leave a place is to die a little.

To love and to be wise are two different things.

To love is to choose.

To make a happy couple, the husband must be deaf and the wife blind.

To one who has a pie in the oven you may give a bit of your cake.

To rise at five, dine at nine, sup at five, go to bed at nine, makes a man live to ninety-nine.

To rise at six, eat at ten, sup at six, go to bed at ten, makes a man live years ten times ten.

To rob a robber is not robbing.