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True jokes never please.

True nobility is invulnerable.

Trust not to God but upon good security.

Truth is the club that knocks down and kills everybody.

Turn your tongue seven times before speaking.

'Twixt the cup and the lip there's many a slip.

'Twixt the word and the deed there's a long step.

Two men may meet, but never two mountains.

Two of a kind, whate'er they be.

Two sparrows on the same ear of corn are not long friends.

Two sparrows upon one ear of corn make ill agreement.

Unless hell is full no lawyer will ever be saved.

Unstringing the bow does not cure the wound.

Upbraiding makes a benefit an injury.

Upon a slight pretext the wolf takes the sheep.

Upon an egg the hen lays an egg.

Vainglory bears no grain.

Vanity has no greater foe than vanity.

Very good corn grows in little fields.

Very hard times in the wood when the wolves eat each other.

Vessels large may venture more, But little boats must keep near shore.

Wait until it is night before saying that it has been a fine day.

Wake not a sleeping cat.

War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military.

We know the worth of a thing when we have lost it.