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When the tree is down everybody runs to the branches.

When the words are said, the holy water is made.

When there is no wind every man is a pilot.

When thieves fall out the thefts are discovered.

When we cannot get what we love, we must love what is within our reach.

When you are well off keep as you are.

Where misfortune befals injuries follow.

Where the goat is tied she must browse.

Where the hedge is lowest men jump over.

Where the hostess is handsome the wine is good.

Where the thread is weakest it breaks.

Where the wasp has passed the fly sticks fast.

Where there is no sore there needs no plaister.

Where there is nothing the king loses his rights.

Whilst the dogs are growling at each other the wolf devours the sheep.

White meal is not got out of a coal-sack.

Who answers for another pays.

Who blows his nose too hard makes it bleed.

Who cannot work out his salvation by heart will not do it by book.

Who could live without hope?

Who does not venture gets neither horse nor mule, and who ventures too much lose horse and mule.

Who doubts errs not.

Who draws his sword against his prince must throw away his scabbard.

Who eats capon, capon comes to him.

Who goes and returns makes a journey.