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Everybody must wear out one pair of fool's shoes, if he wear no more.

Everybody thinks his own cuckoo sings better than another's nightingale.

Everybody's busy is nobody's business.

Everybody's companion is nobody's friend.

Everybody's friend, everybody's fool.

Everything would be well were there not a "but."

Except for the night, we could never know the stars.

Exchange is no robbery.

Fair flowers to not remain long by the wayside.

Fair hair may hae foul roots.

Fair words don't fill the pocket.

Fancy requires much, necessity but little.

Fat hens lay few eggs.

Fir and water are good servants, but bad masters.

Fire and faggot are but sad reformers.

Fire in the heart sends smoke into the head.

Fire is a good servant but a bad master.

First look at home, then censure me.

First weigh, then venture.

Fish begin to stink at the head.

Five fingers hold more than two forks.

Flatterers are cats that lick before and scratch behind.

Flatterers haunt not cottages.

Folks say there is a lack of four sorts of people on earth: of priests, else one would not have six or seven benefices; of gentleman, else every boor would not want to be a squire; of whores, else married women and nuns would not carry on the trade; of Jews, else Christians would not practise usury.

Follow Love and it will flee, Flee love and it will follow thee.