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Great men may just with saints.

Great men's servants don't think little of themselves.

Great men's vices are accounted sacred.

Great minds think alike.

Great oaks from little acorns grow.

Great say-masters, bad pay-masters.

Great talkers are commonly liars.

Great trees give more shade than fruit.

Greatness alone in not enough, or the cow would outrun the hare.

Greedy fowk hae long arms.

Green Christmas, a white Easter.

Hackney mistress, Hackney maid.

"Had I known" is a poor man.

Half a house is half a hell.

Half a loaf is better than no bread.

Handsome is the handsome does.

Happy is the one who forgets that which cannot be changed.

Hard against hard never was good.

Hares are caught with hounds, fools with praise, and women with gold.

Hasten at leisure.

Hat in hand goes through the land.

Having is haying, come whence it may.

He goes about it like a cat round hot milk.

He goes as willingly as a thief to the gallows.

He has beans in his ears.