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He has given the hen for the egg.

He has his finger in every pie.

He is a bad shot who cannot find an excuse.

He is a bad smith who cannot bear smoke.

He is a bad workman who cannot talk of work.

He is a fool and ever shall, Who writes his name upon a wall.

He is lucky who forgets what cannot be mended.

He is rich enough who is contented.

He laughs at scars who never felt a wound.

He laughs best who laughs last.

He laughs ill that laughs himself to death.

He must have keen eyes that would know a maid at sight.

He plays best, who wins.

He sticks his nose in everything.

He struck at Tib, but down fell Tim.

He that always thinks it is too soon is sure to come too late.

He that asketh faintly beggeth a denial.

He that climbs high, falls heavily.

He that finds fault wants to buy.

He that has good legs, has often bad boots.

He that has lost his credit is dead to the world.

He that has no head, need no hat.

He that hunts others, must run himself.

He that marries for love has good nights, but sorry days.

He that may not as he wad, maun do as he may.