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He that peeps into every bush will hardly get into the wood.

He that pelts every barking dog, must pick up a great many stones.

He that picks up all sorts of wood, soon gets an armful.

He that says A, must also say B.

He that sits among reeds, cuts pipes when he pleases.

He that wants the kernel must crack the nut.

He that will not be saved needs no preacher.

He that won't listen, must feel.

He that would cheat a Jew, must be a Jew.

He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree.

He that would stop everybody's mouth needs plenty of flour.

He who always thinks it is too soon, is sure to come too late.

He who begins much, finishes little.

He who blackens others does not whiten himself.

He who blows in the fire will get sparks in his eyes.

He who borrows sells his freedom.

He who brings bad tidings, comes soon enough.

He who brings, is welcome.

He who builds by the road-side has many masters.

He who builds on the public way, must let the people have their say.

He who buys a house gets many a plank and nail for nothing.

He who buys what he don't want, will soon sell what he does want.

He who can does, he who cannot, teaches.

He who cannot help, may hinder.

He who cannot paint must grind the colours.