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How easily a hair gets into the butter!

How many daily read the Bible, and yet pursue their course of evil.

How many daily read the Word, and yet from vice are not deterred.

Hungry flies sting sore.

Hurry no man's cattle.

Hussars pray for war, and the doctor for fever.

I can see as far into a mill-stone as another man.

"I have had" is a poor man.

"I have" is a better bird than "If I had."

I rest, therefore I rust.

I want no drones in my bee-hive.

I wept when I was born, and every day shows why.

"I will not bite any dog," says the shepherd's dog, "for I must save my teeth for the wolf."

I will not change a cottage in possession for a kingdom in reversion.

I will win the horse, or lose the saddle.

I would rather have a dog my friend than enemy.

Idleness has poverty for wages.

Idleness is the beginning of all sin.

Idleness is the root of all evil.

Idleness is the sepulchre of a living man.

If a dog's prayers were answered, bones would rain from the skies.

If a man would know what he is, let him anger his neighbours.

If every one were wise, a fool would be the prize.

If fools were to eat no bread, corn would be cheap.

If I am seen, I am joking; if I am not seen, I steal.