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Many a one threatens, while he quakes for fear.

Many can help one.

Many can pack the cards that cannot play.

Many children, and little bread, is a painful pleasure.

Many cooks spoil the broth.

Many go out for wool, and come home shorn.

Many hands make quick work.

Many have good intentions, but something comes across them.

Many look with one eye at what they give, but with seven at what they receive.

Many see more with one eye that others with two.

Many shun the brook, and fall into the river.

Many shun the sword, and come to the gallows.

Many small make a great.

Many take by the bushel, and give with the spoon.

Many trades, begging the best.

Many who build castles in the air cannot build a hut on earth.

Marriage is heaven and hell.

Marrying in the blood is never good.

Marrying is easy, but housekeeping is hard.

Merchant to-day, beggar to-morrow.

Millers and bakers do not steal, people bring to them.

Millers, tailors, and weavers are not hanged, or the trade would soon be extinct.

Mind over matter.

Mind your own business.

Misfortune, wood, and hair, grow throughout the year.