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Misreckoning is no payment.

Money in the purse dispels melancholy.

Money taken, freedom forsaken.

Money talks.

Monks, mice, rats, vermin, seldom sunder without harming.

Mony sma's mak a great.

More afraid than hurt.

More are drowned in the bowl than in the sea.

More belongs to riding than a pair of boots.

More is done with words than with hands.

Mother's truth keeps constant youth.

Mother, I must have a husband, or I shall set fire to the house.

Mouth and heart are wide apart.

Much money, much friends.

Much taste, much waste.

Much wisdom is lost in poor men's mouths.

Much wit is lost in a poor man's purse.

Mules make a great fuss about their ancestors having been horses.

Murder will out.

Must is a hard nut.

My friend's enemy is often my best friend.

Nature and love cannot be hid.

Nature draws stronger then seven oxen.

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue.

Nature requires little, fancy much.