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Nature teaches us to love our friends, but religion our enemies.

Necessity seeks bread where it is to be found.

Necessity teaches arts.

Necessity teaches even the lame to dance.

Necessity unites hearts.

Neck or nothing.

Neighbour once over the hedge, neighbour over it again.

Neutrals are soused from above, and singed from below.

Neutrals tread on eggs and break none.

Never fell oak at the very first stroke.

Never fight an enemy whilst it is possible to cheat him.

Never give advice unasked.

Never give the skin when you can pay with the wool.

Never grieve over spilt milk.

Never murder a man who is about to commit suicide.

Never trust to another what you should do yourself.

New churches and new taverns are seldom empty.

New come, welcome.

New doctor, new churchyard.

New laws, new roguery.

New songs are eagerly sung.

No ape but swears he has the handsomest children.

No armour is proof against the gallows.

No house without a mouse, no barn without corn, no rose without a thorn.

No house without a mouse.