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No jealousy, no love.

No man can do nothing and no man can do everything.

No man can like all, or be liked by all.

No man's master, no master's man.

No one betrays himself by silence.

No one can blow and swallow at the same time.

No one can complain of the sea who twice suffers shipwreck.

No one can do nothing, and no one can do everything.

No one can guard against treachery.

No one is too old to learn.

No one is wise enough to advise himself.

No one knows better where the shoe pinches that he who wears it.

No one likes to bell the cat.

No one sees his own faults.

No pains, no gains.

No penny, no paternoster.

No pride like that of an enriched beggar.

No smoke without fire.

No song, no supper.

No tree falls at the first stroke.

No tree so small but it can cast a shade.

No use in flogging a dead horse.

No villain like the conscientious villain.

No viper so little but hath its venom.

No woman marries an old man for God's sake.