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Of war all can tattle, away from the battle.

Of what use is it that the cow gives plenty of milk, if she upset the pail.

Of words and feathers, it takes many to make a pound.

Offend one monk, and the lappets of all cowls will flutter as far as Rome.

Offenders never pardon.

Office without pay makes thieves.

Often shooting hits the mark.

Old birds are hard to pluck.

Old churches have dark windows.

Old crows are hard to catch.

Old love does not rust.

Old oxen tread hard.

Old people see best in the distance.

Old pigs have hard snouts.

Old pottage is sooner heated than new made.

Old trees are not to be bent.

Old wounds easily bleed.

On poor people's beards the young barber learns his trade.

On Saint Thomas the Divine kill all turkeys, geese and swine.

Once is people's mouths, 'tis hard to get well out of them.

Once upon a time, no time.

One "take this" is better than ten "God help you!"

One ass nicknames another "Long-ears."

One bad apple spoils the bunch.

One bad eye spoils the other.