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One man knocks in the nail, and another hangs his hat on it.

One man may steal a horse while another may not look over the hedge.

One man's story is no story; hear both sides.

One marriage is never celebrated but another grows out of it.

One may see through a wall, if there's a hole in it.

One must glean at harvest time.

One must plough with the horses he has.

One rotten egg spoils the whole pudding.

One rotten sheepe will marre a whole flocke.

One scabbed sheep will infect a whole flock.

One shoe will not fit every foot.

One should be born either a king or a fool.

One story is good till another is told.

One sword keep another in the sheath.

One to-day is better than ten to-morrows.

One to-day is worth two to-morrows.

One wedge drives another.

One white foot, buy him; two white feet, try him; three white feet, look well about him; four white feet, go without him.

Only one can be emperor.

Open hand makes open hand.

Other towns, other lasses.

Our neighbour's children are always the worst.

Out of a little grass comes a great ass.

Ox, keep to your grass.

Painted flowers are scentless.