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Singers, lovers, and poets are privileged liars.

Slaughter no more than you can well salt.

Small profits and often, are better than large profits and seldom.

Small profits are often, are better than large profits and seldom.

Small saints too work miracles.

Small undertakings give great comfort.

So it goes in the world: one has the purse, the other has the gold.

Soldiers must be well paid, and well hanged.

Solitude is the nurse of wisdom.

Something to every one is good division.

Speak little, speak truth. Spend little, pay cash.

Speak, that I may see thee.

Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding.

Speedy rise, speedy fall.

Spend not, where you may save; spare not, where you must spend.

Spending your money with many a guest, empties the kitchen, the cellar and chest.

Stagnant water grows stinking.

Stand up, farthing, let the florin sit down.

Standing pools gather filth.

Straying shepherd, straying sheep.

Stretch your legs according to your coverlet.

Stretch yourself according to your cover-lid.

Strong folks have strong maladies.

"Success to you! God speed the craft!" as the hangman said to the judge.

Such a beginning, such an end.