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The only real equality is in the cemetery.

The people's voice is God's voice.

The pitcher goes so often to the well, that it gets broken at last.

The poor must dance as the rich pipe.

The pope eats peasants, gulps gentlemen, and voids monks.

The priest loves his flock, but the lambs more than the wethers.

The repeated stroke will fell the oak.

The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.

The Russian knows the way, yet he asks for directions.

The sick man is vexed with the flies on the wall.

The silent dog is the first to bite.

The stomach is easier filled than the eye.

The strong man's sport is the sickly man's death.

The sun will bring to light what lay under the snow.

The sun will shine into our yard too.

The sun-dial counts only the bright hours.

The sweetest grapes hang highest.

The sweetest wine makes the sharpest vinegar.

The thief cannot find any tree that suits him for a gallows.

The treason is loved, the traitor hated.

The tree must be bent while it is young.

The unbidden guest is ever a pest.

The unexpected always happens.

The unrighteous penny consumes the righteous dollar.

The unrighteous penny corrupts the righteous pound.