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Time covers and discovers everything.

Time is anger's medicine.

Time is the best counsellor.

Time is the best preacher.

Time is the herald of truth.

Time makes hay.

Time, wine, women, and fortune, are ever changing.

Times change and we with time.

Timid dogs bark most.

Tired oxen must tread hard.

'Tis easier to hurt than heal.

'Tis either a hare or a brake-bush.

'Tis hard to swim against the stream.

'Tis his turn to-day, it will be mine to-morrow.

'Tis never too late to mend.

'Tis not for everyone to catch a salmon.

'Tis one beggar's woe, to see another by the door go.

'Tis the mind ennobles, not the blood.

'Tis too late to spare when the pocket is bare.

'Tis too late to spare, When the bottom is bare.

'Tis written, "What's not your own, that let alone."

Tit for tat.

To a quick ear half a word.

To change and change for the better are two different things.

To change and to do better are two different things.