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An old error is always more popular than a new truth.

An old fox does not run twice into the snare.

An old man loved is a winter with flowers.

An ounce of mother-wit is worth a pound of school-wit.

An uneducated person is like an unpolished mirror.

Anger can't stand, without a strong hand.

Anger hears no counsel.

Anger without power is folly.

Another man's horse and your own spurs outrun the wind.

Apes remain apes, though you cloth them in velvet.

Appearances are deceitful.

Appearances are deceptive.

April weather, woman's love, rose-leaves, dice, and card-luck, change every moment.

Art holds fast when all else is lost.

As a man eats, so he works.

As a thing is used, so it brightens.

As a tree falls, so shall it lie.

As fast as laws are devised, their evasion is contrived.

As fortune is sought, so it is found.

As good be an addled egg as an idle bird.

As good eat the devil as the broth he was boiled in.

As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

As is the gardener, so is the garden.

As princes fiddle, subjects must dance.

As soon a man is born he begins to die.