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Where all adulterers to wear grey coats, the cloth would be dear.

Where every one goes, the grass never grows.

Where ghosts walk, there is loving or thieving.

Where God bestows an office, he provides brains to fill it.

Where God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel.

Where gold avails, argument fails.

Where gold chinks, arguments are of no avail.

Where honour ceaseth, there knowledge decreaseth.

Where honour grows a span, folly grows an ell.

Where might is master, justice is servant.

Where might is right, right is not might.

Where money, there friends.

Where the best wine grows, the worst is drunk.

Where the devil can't go himself, he sends an old woman.

Where the hedge is lowest, the devil leaps over.

Where the lion's skin falls short, borrow of the fox.

Where there are no swamps there are no frogs.

Where there are too many workmen, there is little work.

Where there is shame, there is virtue.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

Where there no fools, there would be no wise men.

Where there's money, there is the devil; but where there's none, a greater evil.

Where there's muck there's brass.

Where there's no jealousy, there's no love.

Where there's no love, all faults are seen.