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Who has a mouth, let him not say to another, "Blow!"

Who has tasted a sour apple, will have the more relish for a sweet one.

Who has, let him thereof take heed; love wanes, misfortune comes with speed.

Who heeds not little things, will be troubled about lesser ones.

Who herds with wolves, must howl with wolves.

Who honours not age, is unworthy of it.

Who hunts two hares together catches neither.

Who is ell seated should not budge.

Who is not ashamed of his sins, sins double.

Who is over nice, loses many a slice.

Who knows nothing in his thirtieth year, is nothing in his fortieth, has nothing in his fiftieth; learns nothing, is nothing, and comes to nothing.

Who lends his lips to nought but blame, has in his heart no love of fame.

Who lets another sit on his shoulder, will soon have him on his head.

Who loves his work and knows to spare, may live and flourish anywhere.

Who loves not women, wine, and song, remains a fool his whole life long.

Who makes friends of all, keeps none.

Who makes no promises, has none to perform.

Who neither believes heaven or hell, the devil heartily wishes him well.

Who readily borrows, readily lies.

Who receives, should thank; who gives, should be silent.

Who refuses to submit to justice, must not complain of oppression.

Who rides slow, must saddle betimes.

Who says little has little to answer for.

Who seeks adventures finds blows.

Who so deaf as he that will not hear.