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Who speaks ill of others to you will speak ill of you to others.

Who steals a calf, steals a cow.

Who takes an eel by the tail or a woman by her word, grasp as he will, holds nothing fast.

Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart.

Who the daughter would win, with mamma must begin.

Who threatens, warns.

Who throws a stone above him may have it fall on his own head.

Who will not feed the cats, must feed the mice and rats.

Who would be rich, must keep his soul under cover of his cash-box.

Who would be young in age, must in youth be sage.

Who would win, must learn to bear.

Who would wish to be valued must make himself scarce.

Who's the man that was never fooled by a woman.

Whoever cares to learn will always find a teacher.

Whoever invented work must not have had anything to do.

Whom fortune favours, the world favours.

Whore or thief young or old, welcome so you've got the gold.

Whose bread I eat: his song I sing.

Windmills are not driven by bellows.

Wine and women make fools of everybody.

Wine upon beer is very good cheer; beer upon wine consider with fear.

"With all my heart!" says the boor, when he must.

With great men one must allow five to be an even number.

"With great pleasure," says the boor, when he must.

With houses and gold, men are rarely bold.