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A bad agreement is better than a good lawsuit.

A barking cur does not bite.

A barking dog never bites.

A beautiful woman smiling, bespeaks a purse weeping.

A beetle is a beauty in the eyes of his mother.

A bird in the cage is worth a hundred at large.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

A blind man is not judge of colours.

A book whose sale's forbidden all men rush to see, and prohibition turns one reader into three.

A braying ass eats little hay.

A calm portends a storm.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

A cat pent up becomes a lion.

A cat that licks the spit is not to be trusted with roast meat.

A clear bargain, a dear friend.

A cloak is not made for a single shower of rain.

A closed mouth catches no flies.

A cracked pot never fell off the hook.

A cur's tail grows fast.

A dead man does not make war.

A dog is never offended at being pelted with bones.

A dog never bit me but I had some of his hair.

A dog that bites silently. [An insidious tradcuer. He would kill you with an air-gun.]

A drop of water breaks a stone.

A drowning man would catch at razors.