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Every dog is allowed one bite.

Every fool is wise when he holds his tongue.

Every fool wants to give advice.

Every fox likes a henroost.

Every hill has its valley.

Every man has a fool in his sleeve.

Every man has a good wife and a bad trade.

Every one can navigate in fine weather.

Every one finds fault with his own trade.

Every one gives himself credit for more brains than he has, and less money.

Every one goes with his own sack to the mill.

Every one likes justice in another's house, none in his own.

Every one praises his own saint.

Every one thinks he has more than his share of brains.

Every one thinks himself without sin because he has not those of others.

Every one thinks his own cross heaviest.

Every one to his own calling, and the ox to the plough.

Every potter praises his pot, and most of all the one that is cracked.

Every promise is a debt.

Every reed will not make a pipe.

Every rose has its thorn.

Every saint has his festival.

Every shop has its trick.

Every ten years one man has need of another.

Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.