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Hard work never did anyone any harm.

Hatred renewed is worse than at first.

Have luck, and sleep.

Have not all your eggs in one nest.

Have two strings to your bow.

He begins to grow bad who believes himself good.

He cannot lead a good life who serves without wages.

He cries out before he is hurt.

He cries wine, and sells vinegar.

He devil is not so ugly as he is painted.

He devil tempts all, but the idle man tempts the devil.

He gains much who loses a vain hope.

He got out of the mud and fell into the river.

He hangs the May-branch at every door. (Alluding to the Italian custom of young men hanging out May-branches overnight before the door of their mistress.

He has done like the Perugian who, when his head was broken, ran home for his helmet.

He hauls at a long rope who expects another's death.

He is a fool who boasts of four things: that he has good wine, a good horse, a handsome wife, and plenty of money.

He is a fool who does not know from what quarter the wind blows.

He is a fool who loses the flight for the leap.

He is a very sorry barber who has but one comb.

He is in no place who is everywhere.

He is in search of a ram with five feet.

He is like the anchor that is always in the sea, yet does not learn to swim.

He is master of another man's life who is indifferent to his own.

He is miserable indeed that must lock up his miseries.