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He that seeks to have many friends never has any.

He that seeks, finds, and sometimes what he would rather not.

He that shows his money shows his judgment.

He that shows his passion, tells his enemy where he may hit him.

He that stands may fall.

He that wants should not be bashful.

He that will not strive in this world should not have come into it.

He that would be ill served should keep plenty of servants.

He that would beat his dog can easily find a stick.

He that would have a thing done quickly and well must do it himself.

He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

He that would have the fruit, must climb the tree.

He that would heal a wound must not handle it.

He wastes his tears who weeps before the judge.

He who begins ill finishes worse.

He who begins many things finishes few.

He who blows dust fills his eyes with it.

He who builds a house in the market-place, builds either too high or too low.

He who builds by the roadside has many surveyors.

He who builds on another's ground loses his stone and mortar.

He who buys betimes buys cheaply.

He who buys by the pennyworth keeps his own house and other men's too.

He who buys the broom can also buy the handle.

He who buys what he cannot pay for, sells what he would rather not.

He who can wait obtains what he wishes.