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It is good to have friends everywhere.

It is good to hold the clothes of one who is swimming.

It is in vain to lay a net in sight of the birds.

It is no time to play chess when the house is on fire.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.

It is not easy to show the way to a blind man.

It is not easy to steal in thieves' houses.

It is not enough to know how to steal, one must know also how to conceal.

It is not every flower that smells sweet.

It is not honour for an eagle to vanquish a dove.

It is not necessary to fish up every bucket that falls into the well.

It is not spring until you can plant your foot upon twelve daisies.

It is not the long day, but the heart that does the work.

It is the blood of the soldier that makes the general great.

It is the petty expenses that empty the purse.

It is too late to come with water when the house is burnt down.

It is truth that makes a many angry.

It is vain to fish if the hook is not baited.

It never thunders but it rains.

It takes four living men to carry one dead man out of a house.

It's a bad mouthful that chokes.

It's a free country.

It's a very proud horse that will not carry his oats.

It's foolish sheep that makes the wolf its confessor.

Keep yourself from opportunities and God will keep you from sins.