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Keeping from falling is better then helping up.

Kin or no kin, woe to him who has nothing.

Large trees give more shade than fruit.

Lasses and glasses are always in danger.

Laughter makes good blood.

Laws were made for rogues.

Lawyers' robes are lined with the obstinacy of suitors.

Lay it on thick and some of it will stick.

Lay on more wood; ashes give money.

Leave no nail unclenched.

Lent, which seems so long, is short at other men's tables.

Let every fox take care of his own tail.

Let every one keep off the flies with his own tail.

Let him not be a lover who has not courage.

Let him who is well off stay where he is.

Let not you shirt know your secret.

Let not your shirt know all your thoughts.

Let the injurer not forget.

Let us first catch the bear and then sell its skin.

Let us have florins and we shall find cousins.

Let well alone.

Like lips, like lettuce.

Like saint like offering.

Like well like bucket.

Like will to like, as the devil said to the collier.