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Lip courtesy pleases much and costs little.

Little children and headaches, great children and heartaches.

Live and learn.

Look before you leap.

Look for the hog at the oak.

Look high and fall low.

Look with suspicion on the flight of an enemy.

Lookers-on see most of the game.

Love demands faith, and faith firmness.

Love is an excuse for its own faults.

Love is blind but sees afar.

Love is master of all arts.

Love is the true price at which love is bought.

Love knows not labour.

Love levels all inequalities.

Love rules his kingdom without a sword.

Love rules without law.

Love rules without rules. [Amore regge senza legge.]

Love your friend with his faults.

Love's merchandise is jealousy and broken faith.

Love, a cough, and smoke, are hard to hide.

Lovers think others are blind.

Lovers' purses are tied with cobwebs.

Make me a prophet and I will make you rich.

Many a one leaves the roast who afterwards longs for the smoke of it.