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No one likes justice brought home to his own door.

No one perceives where the shoe pinches but he who wears it.

No one should take in an eating pawn (or pledge).

No pear falls into a shut mouth.

No sooner is the law made than its evasion is discovered.

No wonder lasts more than three days.

Not all are asleep who have their eyes shut.

Not all that shakes falls.

Not all words require an answer.

Not every word requires an answer.

Not everything that is bad comes to hurt us.

Not everything which is bad comes to hurt us.

Not having enough is like not having anything.

Nothing can come out of a sack but what is in it.

Nothing is difficult to a willing mind.

Nothing is ever well done in a hurry, except flying from the plague or from quarrels, and catching fleas.

Nothing is ill said if it is not ill taken.

Nothing passes between asses but kicks.

Of judgment every one has a stock on hand for sale.

Of the great and of the dead either speak will or say nothing.

Of this world each man has as much as he takes.

Of three things the devil makes a salad: advocate's tongues, notaries' fingers, and a third that shall be nameless.

Of two cowards, the one who finds the other out first has the advantage.

Of two evils choose the less.

Of what does not concern you say nothing, good or bad.