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Old birds are not caught with new nets.

Old reckonings, new disputes.

Old thanks are not for new gifts.

On a long journey even a straw is heavy.

On every small pretext the wolf seizes the sheep.

Once resolved, the trouble is over.

One basket of grapes does not make a vintage.

One bell serves a parish.

One bird in hand is better far Than two that in the bushes are.

One briar does not make a hedge.

One can't enter Paradise in spite of the saints.

One cannot drink and whistle at the same time.

One daughter helps to marry the other.

One devil does not make hell.

One devil drives out another.

One devil knows another.

One door never shuts but another opens.

One enemy is too many, and a hundred friends are too few.

One eye of the master sees more than four eyes of his servants.

One flea does not hinder sleep.

One fool is enough in a house.

One good morsel and a hundred vexations.

One good word quenches more heat than a bucket of water.

One is never too old to yearn.

One knife keeps another in its sheath.